Builders Quotes Made Easy

Choosing the right builders to quote for your insurance repairs takes time, effort and knowledge.

  • We take the legwork out of researching and checking on local builders
  • And we coordinate and manage the quoting process between you and the builders
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Making it Easy to Choose the Right Builders

Builder with Tick

Builder Factsheets

We verify and fact-check each of our builders so that you can see who they are.

Armed with these basic essentials you can see if you are comfortable inviting them to survey the repairs.

Builder with Tick

Customer Ratings

We ask past customers and new to score each of our builders so you can rate them against each other.

If you have to give the builder a critical review, they can leave a response, but your review and score will not be removed without your permission

Man on phone

Case Handler

We have real people who will coordinate your search with local builders.

And we will act as a firewall between you and the builders so you can select your preferred builder without having to deal with the other unsuccessful builders

We Communicate With Builders for You

We will handle communication with the shortlist of builders for you. We will coordinate appointments and let them know if their quote was not successful, so you don't have to.

We will give the unsuccessful builders feedback to help them improve their quotes next time. And of course, under our "Builders Code of Conduct" they will will not be permitted to contact you directly.

How Builders Join Our Panel

  1. Builder applies to join panel
  2. Builder provides info for factsheet
    • Business details
    • References
    • Qualifications, certificates & insurances
  3. We follow up and verify
    • Follow up references
    • Request testemonials
    • Check companies house
    • Business credit check
    • Various other checks
  4. We search internet and social media for reviews or complaints
  5. We accept you onto our panel
  6. We produce factsheet

The Quoting Process

  1. You make your enquiry by phone or online
  2. You approve builders for site visit
    • We select 2 suitable builders from panel
    • You approve builders for site visit based on factsheet
    • If you wish to reject a builder, we replace with another suitable builder
  3. Site visits
    • Builder surveys work needed and produces scope of works
    • You have chance to meet them and see if you like them
  4. Builders Produce quotes
    • Builders produce quotes based on scope of works
    • We send to you for approval
    • You may request further quotes, or
    • You sends two quotes to your insurer
  5. Instruct builder
    • Insurer normally offers to pay cost of lower quote
    • You appoints builder to do work based on factsheet, quote and meeting in person

Review, Feedback & Follow Up

  • Feedback - We will ask you for feedback on builders who have quoted:
    • If you do not wish any of your feedback to be passed to the builder, then we will keep it confidential
  • Reviews - We follow up with you during and after the completion of the project
    • Your review will added to factsheet and published on website
    • The builder may respond to review if they wish
    • The builder agrees that your review will not be removed without your agreement.

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Your review will not be removed without your permission unless we are required to remove it by order of a court or other official authority.